Nick Johnson

Hi, I'm Nick

I'm a software engineer located in San Francisco.

I'm a co-creator of and software engineer at SpaceCraft — an open-source, in-browser REPL (Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop) where users can collaborate together in real time.

More about me

// Recent Project


SpaceCraft is an open-source, real-time, collaborative REPL (Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop) where users can pair-program together without any additional configuration.

SpaceCraft is built using a Node.js server that manages REPL code evaluation and connects multiple clients through WebSockets. SpaceCraft is deployed with Docker and scaled to handle multiple user sessions using a reverse proxy server.

Try out the demo!

// Other Projects

Proxy Server

I built a reverse proxy server from scratch, using Node.js, Bash, and the Docker API, that integrates with SpaceCraft. The proxy server manages multiple user sessions, initializes containers, and forwards clients' requests to the appropriate containers.



A video subscription application like Netflix, built with Rails, RSpec, and TDD.


A social news and discussion application like Reddit, built with Rails, PostgreSQL, and JavaScript.

Ticket Tracker

An application that manages tickets by tracking issues and changes. I optimized the SQL ticket count time complexity by reducing it from O(N) down to O(1).